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High End Home Theatre PC Vendors Endorse ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre

ArcSofts TotalMedia Theatre Bundled with Media Center Solutions

— 6/9/2008 — Fremont, CA —

ArcSoft, Inc. announced today that ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre is now shipping with Home Theatre PCs (HTPC). Vendors include NiveusMedia, Aspen Media Products (AMP), Celestica, Fluid Digital Media, Inteset, S1Digital, Maingear and Vidabox, allowing users to enjoy true High Definition movies with their home theatre systems. ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre is a high performance video playback application that enables users to enhance their movie watching experience with many cool features you just cant get from a standard DVD player.

ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre is seamlessly integrated with Media Center, said George Tang, ArcSoft Vice President and General Manager of Video Entertainment Group. The application operates separately or directly within Media Center, creating a flawless movie experience. Users are able to easily enjoy Blu-ray movies directly on their high-definition screens using a familiar remote control.

We are thrilled to be working with ArcSoft, said Brian Paper, VP Business Operations/co-Founder of NiveusMedia. Our premium living room media centers, such as Rainier Edition 2008 Vista, work cohesively with ArcSofts TotalMedia Theatre to bring users exceptional video performance.

Inteset is extremely pleased with ArcSoft and its TotalMedia Theatre software. The software has helped Inteset quickly facilitate our Movie Collection module for Vista Media Center to support Blu-ray playback. ArcSoft development was instrumental in adding the requested features to their robust player that allow us to seamlessly integrate it with our module, states David Hirsh, Inteset Director of Business Development. We are thrilled to be working with ArcSoft now and in the future, continues Hirsh.

An HTPC wouldnt be complete without ArcSofts TotalMedia Theatre. ArcSoft has allowed us to deliver a perfect HD experience to our customers with a hassle-free and seamless solution that integrates perfectly with Microsoft Windows Vista, said Chris Morley, Executive Vice President of Fluid Digital. ArcSofts solution is more robust than other alternatives on the market, and we couldnt be happier with the support we have been given. We highly recommend ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre.

Since we implemented ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theater on our Blu-ray enabled Media Centers, our customers have been able to achieve flawless BD playback and now can enjoy the latest Blu-ray features available using Profile 2.0. Very few standalone players can achieve that, said Paul Heitlinger, President of S1Digital.

ArcSoft, being the leading provider of innovative digital imaging technologies and multimedia solutions enhances our ability to create robust, reliable, and cutting edge solutions, said John Oliver, CTO of Aspen Media Products.

ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre has recently received BD-Live certification, the certified version will be available for registered users at no charge. For more information, visit

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