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ArcSoft Takes PC Users to Enter the World of 3D in DVD Movies

ArcSoft Works with SENSIO to Demonstrate 3D Playback Technology on PC

— 1/11/2009 — Las Vegas, NV —

ArcSoft, Inc., the world-leading multimedia software provider, announced today its collaboration with SENSIO to support 3D playback in DVD movies, so PC users can enjoy the same effects at home as they are sitting in movie theatres.

Using the new 3D video decoder software SENSIO S3 Decoder, ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre is now able to display 3D content. This new software application of SENSIO® 3D technology decodes 3D Blu-Rays and DVDs and allows consumers to watch 3D on PCs. No special hardware accelerator or graphic card are required and the S3D package remains completely processor agnostic.

“ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre has been receiving a great deal of attention in the high-end consumer market,” said George Tang, ArcSoft Vice President and General Manager of Video and Home Entertainment Group. “Now we join forces with SENSIO, viewers are presented not only vibrant images and stereo sounds, but also 3D effects, which offers superior cinematographic and entertainment experiences on PC.”

“We are glad to be working with ArcSoft to satisfy PC users’ demand for the most realistic and immersive movie experience available.” said Nicholas Routhier, President and CEO of SENSIO. “This aligns with our vision, which is to bring real 3D at home.”

Come by and experience the technology at ArcSoft’s Meeting Suite (35770MP, South Hall 4) or at SENSIO private suite at Flamingo Hotel, room Carson City I, 3rd Floor at CES 2009. For more information on TotalMedia Theatre visit


Founded in 1999, SENSIO, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets forward-looking stereoscopic technologies designed to offer the most advanced and immersive cinematographic experience available. Its flagship technology, SENSIO®3D, allows the high-quality distribution of 3D content through conventional 2D channels and playback on any display device, including plasma TVs, HDTV and glass-free 3D displays. Working with major Hollywood studios and large format 3D film producers, SENSIO has built up one of the world's largest libraries of 3D movies for the home entertainment market.

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