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ArcSoft Demonstrates Multimedia Solutions at CES 2011

Learn about ArcSofts state-of-the-art technologies, applications, and turnkey solutions!

— 1/5/2011 — Fremont, California —

ArcSoft, Inc., the world-leading multimedia software provider, announced today that from January 6-9, 2011, ArcSoft will be showcasing its latest multimedia solutions at the 2011 International CES tradeshow in Las Vegas. ArcSoft offers fully integrated and effective solutions to provide a complete user experience that spans across smart phones, feature phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and cameras. We would like to invite you to visit ArcSoft in Meeting Room 25922 / LVCC South Hall 2 to learn more about our state-of-the-art technologies, applications, and turnkey solutions. Our long-term partners, Intel, TI, AMD and NVIDIA, will also be showcasing ArcSoft technologies and applications in their booths.

Some key demonstrations include the following:

  • ArcSoft’s Tablet Solutions
    ArcSoft’s PowerMobia® application for Tablet device makers addresses consumer’s latest demands for entertainment, reading, and managing personal digital media on and through the tablet device, at home or on-the-go. The suite includes applications for video editing and playback, photo editing and slideshow, music player and so on, all with a natural animated 3D user interface powered by ArcSoft’s PowerMobia® Sleek UI engine.
  • ArcSoft’s TV Solutions
    ArcSoft’s PowerMobia® PlayTo™ extends the multimedia experience on mobile to LCD/LED TV and home entertainment systems. Users are able to enjoy these applications on a large display screen using a tablet to control content playback.
  • ArcSoft’s Syncpath Solutions
    ArcSoft’s PowerMobia® mDock™ is the companion software for tablet applications. It helps users sync digital media content between their PCs and mobile devices. Key features include wireless sync capabilities, support for popular music, video and photo formats, a robust video converter and more.
  • ArcSoft’s Smart Phone and Digital Camera Solutions
    ArcSoft’s PowerMobia® provides advanced multimedia technologies and applications for smart phones, supporting all operation systems, including the latest Android. Solutions include: a thumbnail caching engine plug-in for Android phones, image Viewer plug-in for Android Gallery, advanced capture solutions such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), HD Video Panorama, Pet Detection and more.
  • ArcSoft’s High-Definition and Blu-ray Solutions
    • ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre 5: your all-in-one player for PCs, playing from Blu-ray to videos on a UPnP server and YouTube. Use TotalMedia Remote to control video playback with your Android phone.
    • ArcSoft MediaImpression® 3 HD: a powerful multimedia management application, now supports editing and uploading of HD videos.
  • ArcSoft’s 3D Solutions
    • 3D content creations
    • ArcSoft MediaConverter® 7 quickly and conveniently converts multimedia files to your mobile devices. Newly added is the ability to turn your 2D photos and videos into 3D.
    • Single-cam 3D capture for capturing 3D photos with single-lens camera devices.
  • 3D content playback
    • ArcSoft TotalMedia® Theatre 5 with Sim3D™, which allows users to watch regular 2D photos and videos in 3D!
    • ArcSoft Stereoscopic Technologies for mobile phones, supports photo and video playback.
  • 3D user interface
    • 3D UI on Coach Platform, 3D user interfaces for low-profile touch-panel devices.
    • Sleek UI Engine, a dazzling cross-platform user interface solution to help developers create a more visually appealing, natural 3D animated UI.

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About ArcSoft

ArcSoft, Inc. is an industry-leading software developer of multimedia imaging technologies and applications, offering fully integrated solutions to provide a complete user experience that spans across smart phones, feature phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and cameras. Supporting industry leaders in advanced imaging and video technologies for over 16 years, ArcSoft has built up a strong portfolio of system optimized software frameworks, middleware, core modules, and products for embedded, PC, and server platforms. To maintain its leading-edge, ArcSoft continuously invests in future technologies, being a world pioneer and leader in the fields of 3D Re-construction, 3D UI, Human Face Process and Recognition, and so on. In addition, ArcSoft offers software directly to consumers via our e-store.

Established in 1994, ArcSoft is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, with regional commercial and development facilities in Europe and Asia. For further details, please visit us at our corporate web site

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