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ArcSoft's ArcNote Now Available for Android

Announcing the Easiest Way to Take Notes Using Your Smartphone

— 5/1/2013 — Fremont, CA —

FREMONT, CA, May 1, 2013 – ArcSoft, the industry-leading software provider of imaging technologies and applications, today announced the Android version of ArcNote, the easiest way to take perfect notes with your Android phone camera. ArcNote enables users to turn the content of slide projections, whiteboards, posters, written meeting notes, and other printed or written materials into high-quality images, and to utilize further features such as text comments and voice annotation with a tap of a button.

"Our Windows 8 version of ArcNote is currently one of the top five ranked business apps. We are excited to announce ArcNote's availability on another robust platform," said ArcSoft's VP of Advanced Technologies, Sean Mao. "Our intention is to enable cross-platform support in all of our apps. The Android phone is a perfect image capture source and is a useful tool for both the business and personal user."

ArcNote's advanced imaging technology will automatically crop and correct skewed presentations into clear, visual notes. There is no need to jot down messy notes, or miss important details. ArcNote allows you to save time and free up your hands. All you need to do is take a snapshot and let the app do the rest. Photos and notes can be instantly converted to PDF format and easily shared with colleagues and friends.

ArcNote's for Android allows you to:

  • Produce high quality images from projected, written or printed notes
    • Excellent quality in indoor and low-light conditions
    • Store and manage all notes and share them in a PDF file
  • Automatically detect and crop out note region from image
    • Include text comments on each note page
    • Record and add voice annotation to a note group
  • Correct skewed captures
    • Adjusts to straight viewing angle automatically
  • Share easily
    • Share directly to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr

The Windows 8 and Android versions are available for free download at the Windows Store and Google Play.

About ArcSoft

ArcSoft is the industry-leading software developer of multimedia technologies and applications across mobile, desktop and embedded platforms. The company has over 18 years of experience in providing a full line of advanced imaging solutions for the world's most popular smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, and digital cameras. Over 500 million mobile phones use ArcSoft technologies and two out of the top three digital camera brands incorporate our software. Our OEM customers include some of the world's leading companies such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sharp, Sony and many others. We also maintain partnerships with leading chip companies such as Qualcomm and Intel. ArcSoft is the company behind "Smart Imaging" which now signifies actual device 'thinking' capability as in 3D, human face, gesture and pattern, face, object and screen recognition technologies, which will lead the way in the next phase of mobile and an entirely new consumer experience.

ArcSoft is building on its B2B experience and deep imaging science expertise to market an ever-expanding portfolio of consumer apps for smartphones and tablets including the Whip® social photo album, Perfect365® one-touch photo enhancement, and ShowBiz™ easy video editing. Headquartered in Fremont, CA, with more than 800 employees worldwide, ArcSoft also has regional commercial and development facilities in Europe and Asia, specifically Taipei, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Seoul, and Tokyo.

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