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Focus on Photography

Welcome to the ArcSoft Focus on Photography Gallery. A recurring theme, our gorgeous full-screen hero image on home page features a carefully selected photograph taken by talented pro, semi-pro and amateur photographers. Because imaging technology is at the core of all we do, we celebrate both the process and the creativity that results from visual inspiration. Thank you for visiting this gallery. Please check back often to see more beautiful work.

  • The breathtaking walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, by Steve Wei. You can capture a photo like this by using NightHawk from our Capture Technologies.

    Just before dawn on a cold winter night, perched upon a cliff above the glittering Adriatic Sea, he captured daybreak's first beautiful moment.

  • "Hummingbirds" by photographer, Paul Garcia. Read about Paul's behind the scene story.

    Capturing birds whose wings flap 100 beats per minute is no easy feat. Patience, time, talent - and the right technology - can make it happen," says Paul.

  • A beautiful image of Lake Jiaming in Taiwan, also called "Angel's Tears" taken by Alan Wu, our Sr. Graphic Designer. An example of what you can achieve with Panorama Maker®.

    This deep sapphire blue lake was formed by a meteor strike, the only lake in Taiwan formed this way. Also, no streams ever enter the lake but it remains full – with rainwater - at all times.

  • The simple beauty of abstract detail by Caroline Tien-Spalding, our Director of Marketing and Communications, also owner of Sphynge Photography.

    Wedding guest tips and tricks for taking great photos.

  • Photo captured at Antelope Canyon, Arizona, by Caroline Tien-Spalding, our Director of MarkComm.

    This is an example of the power of HDR from ArcSoft's Capture Technologies.

  • Stunning Maui panorama – an example of what you can create in seconds with ArcSoft Panorama Maker®

    See photos (plus insights) from our very own panorama master Dave Lam, ArcSoft's Sr. Project Manager .

  • Photo captured at Lhasa, Tibet by Hui Hua, our Engineer.

    This image is an example of the power of HDR from our Capture Technologies.

  • Photo of Maiden with the Seagull, taken in Opatija, Croatia, by Steven Wei, PhotoStudio user.

    This photograph is an example of the power of Lowlight NR from our Capture Technologies.

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