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Photo Editor for MacBook Pro

Liven up Your Photos with Photo Editor for MacBook/MacBook Pro

“I love to edit my photos before show and share; I love MacBook and always surf with it. How can I edit and enhance my pictures on MacBook then without paying for a high cost?” What you need is a photo editor for MacBook, or MacBook Pro photo editor, with which you can liven up your common photos greatly and easily, and not as expensive as those so-called professional photo programs.

MacBook always attracts our attention with its portability and its blazing look. However, we really need to process our photos with more powerful editing kits on Mac system, in order to add more color, make our photos more clear and flawless than before. There are many choices on Windows, and MacBook and photo editor for MacBook Pro? It’s must be ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 for Mac, a wonderful, powerful, and fast photo editor.

The easiest way to edit

As soon as you launch the PhotoStudio on your MacBook and MacBook Pro, you will quickly find the way to process photos without tips in details. On the intuitive interface, every little feature we need in photo editing is carefully sorted out on slim tool bars. For those frequently used and most featured ones, you can find them on floating panels at your finger tip. And in each step during the processing, you can preview, modify, and retouch pictures whenever you want.

Photo Editor for MacBook Pro

The fastest way to access

Considering your precious time and energy, ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac integrates fully-functioned editing tools into auto mode boxes. No matter those brilliant photo special effects, or to correct and enhance the imperfect parts, the editor will cover the tasks amazingly as you click your mouse. Ho-ho, photo editing on MacBook can be in such a snap!

Photo Editor for MacBook Pro

The strongest way to create

You love LOMO cameras but don’t want to buy one? Never mind, ArcSoft PhotoStudio will help you create vignetting photos with “Toy Camera” with the most natural look. You want to cut some irregular shaped items from a photo? Try “Magic Cut” in the great editor, you roughly draw some lines, and the subject is already accurately extracted.

Photo Editor for MacBook Pro

The neatest way to output

ICC color profile is the most widely accepted color standard in the world. ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac enables you to adjust photo color according to the property of your printer configuration, in order to output photos in high image quality and color performance. You can preview what your photo color will be like after printing, and customize ICC file if you like.

Now download a trail and enjoy the upgrade photo quality on your MacBook/MacBook Pro!

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