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Over the past 20 years, through our extensive investment of manpower and persistent drive to expand and unearth new facial technology, we have developed a complete set of facial technology which we have packaged into various solutions. We have constructed huge amount of data points for various facial types, stored on our big-data cloud servers which has allowed our computers to extensively and continuously learn about human faces, thus boosting detection rates while decreasing error rates which leads to high stability. While expanding on the basics of facial computation technologies, ArcSoft has also developed race, age, gender and even facial expression recognition capabilities. In addition, foundational technologies can be completely customized for a multitude of applications, including:

Facial Detection: Can determine whether or not a face is present and perform spot metering or focus while taking a photo.

Facial Tracking: Detects a face and uses its unique features to track it in realtime.

Facial Key Point Detection: Accurately and reliably recognizes and tracks faces, while also performing virtual beautification.

Information Recognition: Recognizes information such as race, age, gender, facial expressions etc.

ArcSoft has always actively concentrated on improving success rates, while ensuring low false-detection rates. We have developed solutions for even the most adverse situations, such as large or different angles, dim, backlit environments, facial movement or various expressions, changes in appearance due to aging, partial obstruction, device movement, etc. Even under these various conditions, our technology can accurately pick up and track facial outlines and features.

ArcSoft has also not only leveraged its various hardware knowledge to assist manufacturers in writing multithreaded programs or provide solutions for GPUs, but our algorithm team has also optimized all the way into the instruction levels of code, thoroughly optimizing even low to mid-range hardware platforms. Our algorithms are built for high efficiency, low power consumption and high accuracy.

Since the outset of widespread smartphone use, ArcSoft has been working in the field of facial technology and creating a portfolio of facial technology and related products, which have attracted a corresponding number of high-profile clients. As an increasing number of smart hardware products enter the market, ArcSoft continues to heavily invest in its facial technology, resulting in a complete, mature product line that can be customized or moved to fit multiple application uses across various industries.

ArcSoft facial-related technologies have reached widespread use in smartphones, DSCs, tablets, IP cameras, robots, smart home appliances and other smart devices.

Demo Pictures
Facial Technology Features:
Demo PictureHigh Precision
Demo PictureAdvanced Intelligence
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Key Facial Technology:

Demo PictureFacial Detection:
Through the use of deep-learning algorithms, computer learning mechanisms have analyzed massive quantities of materials, allowing ArcSoft facial detection technology to quickly and accurately recognize human faces in both images and videos. Even under adverse conditions such as complex environments, situations with multiple faces, poor lighting, and large, awkward angles, our detection technology maintains excellent performance.
Demo PictureFacial Key Point Detection:
ArcSoft facial key point analysis accurately locates facial key points, including facial outlines, eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth, and tracks them with precision. Even in cases where the subject has lowered his head or is facing sideways, our technology is still able to accurately detect the face.
Demo PictureFacial Tracking:
Real time facial tracking can be performed on live video feeds, providing a creative space for new applications or devices to be developed. Unique ways of human-computer interaction, real time beautification, perfect selfie photos, user attention tracking, etc., can all be achieved with this technology.