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ArcSoft HDR technology improves the basic foundations of HDR technology with realtime smart detection algorithms which detect regional brightness within the image, more accurately determining levels of brightness within various shooting environments. This detection is used to ensure that bright and dim areas within the image all receive optimal exposure values, allowing for dynamic exposure adjustment of up to 2-3 stops of the original exposure to be performed on target areas. This results in an image with clearer details, distinct light levels and stunning color.

ArcSoft has also combined anti-ghosting algorithm into its solution, which correct ghosting or coloring problems caused by hand-shake or movement during capture. While improving the quality of textures, our patented algorithm also significantly enhance facial features.

ArcSoft HDR technology has been thoroughly optimized for some low to mid-range platforms, while also optimizing for high-end platforms with integrated or independent DSPs.

HDR Features:
Demo PictureAnti-Ghosting
Demo PictureDistinct Light Levels
Demo PictureStunning Color
Demo PictureReal Time, High Performance
Demo PictureLow Power Consumption