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Stabilizer Technology
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ArcSoft image stabilization technology works in conjunction with the hardware ISP and performs intelligent analysis on shooting conditions in order to safely increase shutter speed and optimize the camera device’s system for handheld photography. This technology integrates ArcSoft imaging algorithms, which work to prevent blurriness caused by hand-shake and substantially reduce blurriness in images of quickly-moving objects, all while ensuring image quality.

When recording video, ArcSoft image stabilization technology performs intelligent analysis on shooting conditions and the type of image-shake to select an appropriate algorithm for optimal stabilization results. When recording video, our technology also prevents freezing, warping and other phenomena.

ArcSoft image stabilization technology is also suitable for devices both with or without optical image stabilization (OIS), and can further integrate with smartphones featuring gyro sensors and/or g-sensors. This multitude of hardware sensor integrations used in our technology not only makes it very adaptable and expandable, but also greatly increases the efficiency and accuracy of stabilization algorithms.

Algorithms used by ArcSoft image stabilization technology are extensively optimized for some of the most popular platforms. For high-end platforms, optimization can also be performed for integrated or independent DSPs. Specific solutions can be discussed and customized based on hardware platform capabilities and overall user experience design.

Stabilizer Features:
Demo PictureHigh Quality
Demo PictureHigh Performance
Demo PictureLow Power Consumption
Demo PictureLow Hardware Restrictions