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ArcSoft panorama stitching technology provides comprehensive stitching solutions for smartphones, digital cameras and 360° cameras. Our stitching technology includes high-speed panorama capture for rear-facing smartphone cameras and digital cameras, selfie panorama capture for front-facing smartphone cameras, and smart panorama capture for multiple cameras in a 360° camera setup.

High Speed Panorama Capture for Rear-facing Smartphone Cameras and Digital cameras:
Thorough integration with the high-speed burst capture mode with up to 4K resolution found on rear-facing smartphone camera modules allows the capture of 360° panoramas. Supported features also include dynamic shooting direction detection, anti-ghosting technology, and exclusive access to ArcSoft realtime stitching and JPEG encoding technology, which greatly reduces post-processing times and significantly improves the user experience.

Selfie Panorama Capture for Front-Facing Smartphone Cameras:
Specially customized for wide-angle portrait selfie modes, any front-facing smartphone camera can be upgraded to match the capabilities of a 150° wide-angle camera lens. ArcSoft’s exclusive facial protection technology and facial distortion correction technology ensures that selfies look completely natural, while the addition of ArcSoft beautification technology takes selfie portraits one step closer towards perfection.

360° Panorama Capture:
Algorithms are customized and thoroughly optimized according to the specific hardware configuration of a camera system, such as the number of cameras, the field-of-view for each camera, overlapping field-of-view for multiple cameras, and the disparity of each camera. Solutions are developed within hardware manufacturing tolerances and can also support dynamic analysis, dynamic correction and dynamic stitching, achieving the best possible stitching results.

ArcSoft panorama stitching technology includes algorithms which have been extensively optimized for low, mid, and high-end hardware platforms, while further optimizations can be made according to specific hardware capabilities and overall user experience design.

Demo Pictures
Stitching Features:
Demo PictureAnti-Ghosting
Demo PictureHigh Quality, No Blur
Demo PictureReal Time Performance
Demo PictureLow Power Consumption